What Brexit Could Mean For EU

In a few weeks the referendum about Britain leaving the EU or not will take place. In my opinion Cameron had taken the right decision to hold this referendum, because only this way there is the slightest chance to get this topic off the table once and forever.

What would happen, if Britain really decides to leave the EU? A lot of observers think, that in this case other countries will leave EU, too. This would weaken or even destroy EU. In fact this is possible, but not necessarily. On the contrary, a Brexit could act as a stimulant for EU leaders and as a consequence they embark on decisive reforms to prove the idea of European unification ist not dead. You can already hear this from some influential members of EU parliament. Without British cherry picking EU was finally able to intensify cooperation, let’s say with creating a European army.

It is true that with Britain an important net contributor would leave EU and this could harm financial stability within EU and hamper its development. But you never know what really is the case. Nevertheless it is important to stay open-minded and not to confine ones thinking to too common opinions.

by Dr. Christian Weilmeier


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