US Election: Why You Can’t Trust Media

If you like to be informed about forthcoming US presidential election, you make use of the media. It is quite normal you think. You want to get information about what is going on, about the chances of the candidates etc. and then you refer to those, who pretend to deliver this information. It’s the media, stupid.

In these modern times of new media, you have to be nevertheless aware of some characteristics of media coverage today. Otherwise you will be given the runaround. I would like to illustrate this with an example. If you are interested to know what candidate, Trump or Clinton, has the best chances to win, you should be aware of the fact, that media have to tell riveting stories and to generate clicks. So they have to pretend as long as possible that both candidates has chances to win the race. Experts could explain you, why Clinton has the greatest chance to win the office, and why it is much unlikely that Trump will win. Media will tend to suppress all information which counteracts their interest to  make as much profit of the election as possible. If surveys are not an instrument for that, they are inventing a third or fourth oder fifth candidate an so on. This is also true for other topics.

This was only one example to illustrate what I mean by that. Same thing with french elections next near. Le Pen has hardly no chance but media hype her regardless. So keep in mind the self-interest of the media system and stay skeptical.

by Dr. Christian Weilmeier




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