The Death of Greg Plitt – A Man Who Left a Legacy

Greg Plitt was an American fitness model and actor. He died on January, 17 2015 at the age of 37. He was struck by a train in Los Angeles while making a video on the rails. He was famous for that kind of action driven videos. But come on, you could criticize me, why do you mention this guy on your blog. That’s weird man. Well, I will tell you why. I came across Greg’s motivation and fitness videos on YouTube several years ago and I was struck by them. I was stunned by his stubborn strive for success, his martial style. It’s not what we see in Germany’s fitness scene too often. This was not just a model or fitness guru, this was a man who wants to leave a legacy.

Certainly, it is impressing what he has accomplished in sports, but more than that, I was mesmerized by the energy and momentum he revealed. I am active in strengths sports for lots of ýears, too. So I know very well, what price you have to pay, if you like get so ripped, so muscular. So this man must have a tremendous will power, that is for sure. Yes, you are right, there are a lot of fitness guys on YouTube, who are ripped, too. But there was something additional with this man. He seemed to be forced by destiny, he lived an urgent lifestyle, and he reminded us all of being more aware of our chances and possibilities. Join the ranks, was his mantra. Invest all your gifts and all your talents, don’t rest, be active, face your fears. Moreover, he created a new style in making videos on YouTube, so fast, so intense, full of a kind of pathos which reveres the grandiosity of human power. This just in a political and intellectual landscape, in which man were humbled and discouraged by the course of the world.

Greg Plitt left no child, but he left a legacy. A legacy, which we could accept or reject. Accepting it means taking risks, facing hazards and fears and  leading a more adventurous life. Join the ranks, a last salute to Greg Plitt.

by Dr. Christian Weilmeier


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