Germany’s Role in Saving the Euro

Dr. Jackson Janes, the Executive Director of the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies at the Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC, I had the honour to meet him in Munich, delivers a well-balanced assessment of Germany’s role in saving the Euro. In his opinion there is no guarantee that the Euro sees a second decade.

Dr. Jackson Janes: “Yet it seems that the euro has not been equated with increased popular support for more Europe-wide initiatives. In times of economic and political uncertainty, a tendency to revert to nationalized thinking is not surprising. How Chancellor Merkel and President Sarkozy (along with their other European partners) will attempt to write the unfinished story of the euro remains to be seen.”


Dr. Jackson Janes ist einer der profiliertesten Deutschland-Experten in der USA. Ich hatte die Ehre, ihn persönlich kennenzulernen. Er liefert eine sehr ausgewogene Darstellung der Rolle Deutschlands in der Euro-Krise und hält es bei weitem nicht für ausgemacht, dass sich die Regierungen mit ihren Plänen durchsetzen.



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